Friday, April 24, 2015

Mga Catholic Faith Defenders, na-deactivate ba ang inyong mga Facebook accounts? Ito ang pagbubunyag na dapat niyong malaman!

-Mula kay G. Antonio Ebangelista, INC™ Minister's sa kanyang blog article na: "The Day They Shut Me Down" (pagdidiin ay akin)

"Honestly speaking, when I learned how they did it, I was so discouraged. They employed numbers. The used hundreds of ACTIV (IT Group of the Iglesia Ni Cristo headed by a Minister, Bro. Emer Culala) members from different Locales, led by the Headquarters Team in Central. They all took shifts, 24/7 a day, just to come up with the number of complaints sent to FB to report the account of Antonio Ebangelista as a fake, a poser and in violation of the terms and condition of facebook, thus compelling facebook to shut me down. They used innocent INC members of ACTIV who are all eager to help ACTIV in the belief that what they are doing is defending the Church Administration as what they were told. So off they went, sending hundreds of complaints from various email accounts. They went into an emergency overtime..."

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