Monday, March 30, 2015

USA: Ngayong Pasko ng Pagkabuhay, Dagsa na naman ang Mapapabilang sa tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo!

Kaya pa ba kayang ibandera ng mga Manalista o mga kaanib ng Iglesia ni Manalo (INC-M) ang dumarami raw na pagtalikod ng mga Katoliko sa kanilang pananampalataya?  Lingid naman sa ating kaalaman sa tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo, na heto't dumarami na naman ang mapapabilang na kaanib sa Iglesia ngayong darating na April 4-- Easter o Kapistahan ng Muling-Pagkabuhay!

Varied paths bring thousands into Catholic Church at Easter Vigil

Peter Yang, 18, a senior at
Cathedral High School in St.
Cloud, Minn., is going through
the Rite of Christian Initiation
of Adults to become a Catholic
at the Easter Vigil.
(CNS/Dianne Towalski,
The Catholic Spirit)
"...According to the 2014 Official Catholic Directory, there were 39,654 catechumens and 66,831 candidates in 2013, the most recent year for which this data is available. 
"For 2015, here’s a snapshot of this year’s combined numbers of catechumens and candidates from U.S. archdioceses and dioceses: Seattle, 665; Atlanta, nearly 2,000; Brooklyn, New York,1,100; Miami, 600; Oklahoma City, 900, Los Angeles close to 1,900; New York, 1,400; New Orleans, 350; Str. Paul and Minneapolis, 687; Omaha, Nebraska, 370; Philadelphia, 700; Kansas City, Kansas, 450; and Arlington, Virginia, more than 700, 
"In Brooklyn, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio prayed for the perseverance and strength of the men and women as they entered the final stage of their journey to be members of the diocese. He told them the devil would continue to tempt them, just as he did Jesus in the desert. He said the works of Satan include the 4 “Ds”: deception, division, diversion and discouragement. 
"Ted Musco, Brooklyn’s diocesan director of faith formation, said that many times people think that great numbers are leaving the Catholic Church and are not aware of those joining..." ITULOY ANG PAGBABASA MULA SA Catholic News Service!

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