Friday, March 27, 2015

Unuuusig Ngunit Hindi Natitinag: Ang Iglesia ni Cristo sa Iraq sa Pagdiriwang ng Linggo ng Palaspas!

Sabi ng INC™ ni Manalo (1914), isang PANUKAT daw kung alin ang PEKE sa TUNAY na IGLESIA ay makikita sa kung SINO ang INUUSIG (Pasugo Nov. 1964, p. 2,1)

Kulang pa bang patunay itong larawan sa ibaba? (Salamat sa aking kaibigang Kristiano sa Iraq na si Aamer sa pagbibigay sa akin ng mga larawang ito.

At narito ang hiling ng atin gmga kapatid sa tunay na Iglesia. Huwag kaligtaang basahin at ipagdasal sila ngayong Semana Santa at mag-alay ng inyong sakripisyo alang-alang sa kanilang paghihirap mula sa mga umuusig na Muslim! 


This is what our cities and villages will look like when we are fully armed and are able to protect them with the appropriate weaponry to combat extreme terrorism. Some people ask me why should we need our own military units? It is evident, the minorities in Iraq and Syria have been persecuted to a point of near complete annihilation under other failed strategies. Therefore, arming them and giving them the ability and opportunity to survive against radicalism is the least we can do besides the internationally protected safe haven that we should immediately implement.

This is my grandmother's village of ***** [itinago ang lugar para sa kanilang kaligtasan], Iraq on Palm Sunday. Now do you understand why it's so important to support our military units such as the NPU. We are unsure of when the sectarian violence will ever end, our population has dropped to such a dangerous amount that we can not risk it any further. We must be able to speak our Aramaic language, pray in our Aramaic prayers, attend church regularly, attend schools freely and walk on our own native lands we have inhabited for almost 7,000 years with absolutely no oppression by occupations and extremism especially as indigenous . Nineveh is the ancient capital of Assyria, we are not asking for a province that does not belong to us, we are the indigenous people of Iraq and that is not negotiable.

Humanity is saved by paying close attention to the original care takers of Iraq and Syria, the true homeowners who built the foundation of Iraq. The Assyrian Christians including our Chaldean and Syriac churches are the cradlers of civilization and we demand an internationally protected safe haven of the Nineveh Province with highly advanced weaponry to combat highly funded and large terrorist militias.

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