Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Si RAIN at iba pang mga Koreano, umanib na sa tunay na Iglesia ni Cristo

Si Rain, isang sikat na mang-aawit sa Korea
Dallas Blog - A new trend is emerging in South Korea's entertainment industry known as KPOP. South Korean pop stars are getting baptized into the Roman Catholic Church.

The Korea Herald reports that, "Singer and actor Rain has recently been baptized into the Catholic church following in the footsteps of his Catholic lover, actress Kim Tae-hee, his management agency said Monday. "Rain has recently received Catholic baptism," Cube DC said, without giving details. "It was planned a long time ago."

KPOP singer Rain is expected to marry his beloved actress Kim Tae-hee in the near future.

As reported by the Korea Herald, "According to other sources in the pop music industry, the baptism took place at a small church in the compound of the Namhansanseong fortress in Gwangju, just southeast of Seoul, with Kim, Rain's family and acquaintances attending. The exact date is unknown."

Catholic conversions in South Korea go Gangnam-style.

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