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Iglesia ni Cristo sa Thailand: Mga Kwento ng Kabayanihan

Narito na naman ang isang kwento ng mga bayani ng ating pananampalatayang Kristiano sa Thailand. Kwentong sumasalamin sa katotohanan ng ating pagka-Katoliko. Mga ordinaryong mananampalataya, handang ihandog ang buhay sa KATOTOHANAN sa Iglesia ni Cristo-- ang nag-iisa, at tanging Iglesia Katolika!


At that time, Wednesday 25 December 1940. A small village without sound silent Songkhon gripped. That day be Christmas day only there is no celebration of the mass in the Church. There are no sacraments whatsoever, and no Christmas drama birth of Jesus as the previous years. It happens because the local police has frequently come up to a community of sisters to ask them to stop everything that smells of teaching Christianity. No other religion in the land of Thailand in addition to Buddhism. But the sisters routinely teach children learn religion ignore and even more eager to testify. Then the day of the historic events that took place.

On the night of the 25th's Sister Agnes and sister Lucia Khambang Philaa have decided to sacrifice myself for the sake of ready-to-death of faith will be Jesus Christ no matter if the authorities want to kill them. That's why they wrote a letter to the police named their intentions to Lue States persisted in the faith though must die berkalang land. The letter they bacakan before the audience assembled. All who hear his passion and agreeing to feel reinvigorated will join the sacrifice.

The contents of the letter were roughly thus:
"We have dedicated themselves completely to God the giver of life only. We wouldn't want to live if a Satanic Cult. Prepare everything for us. Open the door of heaven for us. We say out loud that there is no Way whatsoever that we could lintasi to go to heaven other than through the Church founded by Jesus himself ... We will be grateful to you that destroy us because Christ, and will not forget your services. And at the last moment later, hopefully we can face each other again. That's what we see now. We uphold the commandments of God himself who told us as his heralds to always be a witness for him ... "

The next morning, December 20, a young girl named Budsii drive letter to police Lue. Approximately 3 hours directly, both sisters convent in full attire and neat with lay persons 8th walking towards the cemetery belonging to the Church coincided not far from the location of the Church. The village saw that event also participated at the accompanying their steps accompanied by the use of prayers and chanting religious songs that putus-putusnya. The police come for having read the letter, also took part in the walk but trailing behind massa. Not long afterward, when the sister and her friends approached the Group of tombs, the sound of explosions from the weapons was berdesing many times the police hit the second sister hand and her friend the other 4 people. Their lives stretching right in the cemetery (where they deem worthy as a holiday home). There are 4 more people who died along with the two sisters namely: Phuttha (girls) (girls), Budsii, Buakhai (men's Sunday school children), Suwan (men's Sunday school children). And one more, Philip Siphong, Catechist had murdered ten days previously on 16 December 1940, on the road between the villages of superb Songkhon with police station. The assassination of Philip's do not want to deny his faith is the beginning of the spirit of martyrdom it for others.

Then they became important pillars of seven musicians of history that Thailand due to the martyrdom of his faith willingly sacrificing lives for Christ and his Church in Thailand in 1940. His blood has graced the doors of the Church as the road to repentance for many people. A few years ago they have been labeled as Beato-beata by Holy Church, and is now being processed to become saints. Become a regular annual celebration in Thailand every December 16 (first date occurs over Philip Siphong pemartiran) is celebrated as the feast of the martyrs Memorial Church of Thailand. Hopefully the tenacity they struggle and fight for the faith we also uplifting to never afraid and ashamed of being a follower of Christ. The blood of the martyrs of Holy God, pray for us.

Deus Todos et Omnia (Translated by Bing)

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